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Homo Erectus - Men Who Drip With Germs - Men Who Drip With Germs (CD, Album)

The Homo erectus skeletal evidence at the "Peking Man" site of Zhoukoudian is especially important because it is from a population of men, women, and children rather than just a single individual. There was considerable sexual dimorphism and individual variability. The human remains were associated with large quantities of animal bones that apparently were mostly food refuse, though many of.

Homo erectus facts. Lived: from about two million years ago until at least , years ago Where: Africa, Asia and perhaps Europe Appearance: human-like body proportions and upright stance, a protruding brow ridge, large face and no chin Brain size: about ,cm 3 Height: about m Weight: about kg Diet: meat (initially from scavenging but later potentially also from hunting.

 · The first Homo erectus finds were given the names Java Man and Peking Man. 1,2 Eugène Dubois, a Dutch medical doctor and anatomist, made his famous discovery in on the island of Java and originally called it Pithecanthropus Java Man consisted of just a skullcap, a thigh bone, and a molar tooth found separately in the same layer of volcanic ash.

 · Remains of Homo erectus are found throughout Africa and in western and eastern Asia (as far east as the island of Java in Indonesia). Other fossils, assigned by some scholars to this species, have been found in Europe, as far north as England. Homo erectus had a long tenure; the earliest Homo erectus fossils are dated to roughly million years ago, while the youngest fossils assigned to.

H. erectuswas a human of medium stature that walked upright. The braincase was low, the forehead was receded, and the nose, jaws, and palate were wide. The brainwas smaller and the teethlarger than in modern humans. H. erectusappears to have been the first human species to control fire, some 1,, years ago.

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Homo Erectus - Men Who Drip With Germs - Men Who Drip With Germs (CD, Album)

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  1. Homo erectus (meaning "upright man") is an extinct species of archaic human from the Pleistocene, with its earliest occurrence about 2 million years ago, and its specimens are among the first recognisable members of the genus Homo. H. erectus was the first human ancestor to spread throughout Eurasia, with a continental range extending from the Iberian Peninsula to : Hominidae.

  2.  · Homo erectus is a fellow member of our own genus. Alive from million years ago to , years ago, he was the first to leave Africa and the first to master the use of fire. All of the.

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